The Link Group is an independent consultancy based in Abu Dhabi that serves as a gateway to the region by supporting its clients in identifying the right opportunities, and building successful and sustainable businesses.

The Link Group also supports clients from the region in strengthening relations and doing business in the United States and Asia through its diverse partnerships. It helps business in the region reach out globally.

We believe in creating and empowering longstanding and sustainable partnerships, including public private partnerships, by aligning the Link Group team’s unique public, private and non-profit experiences, with regional and global relationships. We aim to provide greater access to build better value for our clients.

The Link Group can provide political and business analysis and support big, medium and even small firms build important partnerships with the public and private sectors in the Middle East. These companies will be able to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities the region offers and enhance their competitive advantage and positioning, both regionally and globally. We believe in the importance of such partnerships not only for big business in the region, but also for medium size enterprises.

The Link Group supports organizations and governments to manage political and regional uncertainties and risks, as well as resolving problems in complex and difficult environments, by providing strategic consultancy and expert analysis handling sensitive political issues and providing practical information in virtually every market in the Middle East.

The Link Group leverages strong relationships with government and business leaders within the energy sector to help clients raise their profiles and expand opportunities in the region and globally. Our team through its diverse high-level network provides access and support for problem solving and progress for businesses in various circumstances.

The Link Group has the unique ability to provide its clients with comprehensive tools for understanding, political, legal, regulatory, business, and media environments in the region. The link Group offers a broad spectrum of reliable and discrete business intelligence and political risk assessment services that can be adapted to clients’ needs and requirements. Such services would include in-depth analysis and comprehensive research on targeted markets.

Clients include corporations, private equity firms, asset managers, investment and commercial banks, law firms, development agencies, governments and NGOs.

Whether it is business, competitive intelligence on a possible joint venture, investigating new investment opportunities, or gathering information on potential business or development partners, facing challenges in resolving issues with public sector entities or other problems they may face doing business regionally, our clients are able to count on our expertise to provide them with greater access, clarity and visibility.

The Link Group believes in the importance of integrity for any transaction and in the protection of its clients and adheres to the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Our Vision

  • Building sustainable public-private partnerships based on integrity and trust.
  • Working with multi-national businesses, but also local medium-sized businesses in the region and globally.
  • Enhancing the Development value in our partnerships.
  • We believe in the integrity of our service and the importance to protect our clients.

Our Mission

  • Identify the right opportunities for business.
  • Facilitate partnerships.
  • Support success of sustainable operations.
  • Help overcome challenges and find solutions for business growth.

Our Values & Purpose

  • The Link Group team has had the highest level of public and private sector positions and experiences in the region across a diverse range of sectors and countries. This experience has been put to the service of one institution of this kind.
  • The Link Group Team is as much multinational and multicultural as it is regional, with global experiences and networks, as well as solid contacts with multinational institutions and IFIs. This is a Team that opens the region to the world and understands the changes it faces.
  • In addition to our Executive Committee and Team network, our Institutional affiliates offer a highly specialized level of legal, corporate, financial and investment services regionally.